(Both CBD & THC essential in this instance) Consistently, cannabis oil appears to reduces the susceptibility to all types of viral infections perhaps by improving

CBD as a treatment for addiction

In the previous article we briefly discussed how CBD can aid in the treatment of addiction and even alleviate the symptoms of drug withdrawals. This

Surprising Facts About CBD Oil

CBD Oil is becoming all the more popular as an all natural alternative for treating ailments. Probably because it has so many uses from aiding

Top 5 Natural Pain Relief Remedies

Pain is something we all unfortunately must endure at some point. Whether it be chronic pains, recovering injuries, sore muscles, toothache, headaches the list goes

Frankincense – the Benefits and Uses

Frequently associated with the Christian religion, Frankincense is derived from the French term “Franc encens”, which means quality incense. This can either be absorbed by

The Magical Benefits of Turmeric

The health benefits of turmeric are surprisingly vast and valuable… When most people think of turmeric they think of the bright yellow spice frequently used

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