Your oil is full extract and contains everything which was in the plant. Both CBD and THC are present, however your daily dose is not enough to make you high but more than enough to start healing you.

Your oil is mixed with coconut oil for better absorption. The body uses up to 70% more of the nutrients this way.

It also makes your oil perfect for any topical application needed.

Due to the coconut oil, the pure oil will solidify if the temperature drops. Simply drop the bottle into hot water for a few minutes to get the oil back to its liquid state.


Humans 1-3ml per day taken at night before bed. Hold under the tongue for 60 seconds and swallow and/or warm up oil and place in the belly button for the pechoti method. 

Animals 1-3ml per day broken up into 3 doses. Place on food/on finger/in syringe directly into the mouth. 

Cannabis oil is not a miracle cure. It promotes homeostasis in the body and assists us with thousands of illnesses and ailments and promotes what we refer to as “conscious healing” However, ultimately YOU are responsible for your own health journey. We recommend diet and lifestyle adjustments for  most effective results. If you did not know yet, your health stems from your GUT HEALTH. 

Feel free to use more oil when treating chronic disease and illness,sick, in pain, recovery or any other time the body needs it. 


Golden rule: take it daily.

Small doses consistently is how we start to shift our health. 

Your oil is pure and organic. Give the system 2 weeks to settle and a full 3 months and beyond to start to see full effects.

Be realistic with your healing and what the oil can do, if competing with bad habits and pharma.

Your oil contains absolutely nothing harmful and has no side effects. It will simply heal and  repair.

We hope you are going to see the benefits of incorporating the immense healing properties of cannabinoids into your diet. 

Our oils have been processed using heat and agitation only, by means of a botanical extractor and contain no harmful chemicals or processing liquids. 

You are assured of the utmost quality, lab tested oils at all times.

Our oils are tested by Fields of Green For All and these tests are available on request.

Yours in green health 

Team Black Cat

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